One of my favorite things to do is discover new music to listen to and add to my playlists. With so many different streaming and social media platforms to choose from nowadays, I love to search and find new artists and unique sounds that keep my music selection fresh. I will always have all the timeless records that I have listened to for years as well, but like being able to discover new talent and styles because there is so much out there, and it is so easily accessible now.

For those who love adding to their music collections as well, I thought I would share some tips about how I discover my music. One of my favorite ways to find music is by going through releases from a record label I like. Often, I find a lot of similar music styles to what I enjoy curated in one place. I have found endless new tracks to consume by simply searching through social media feeds of labels I like and taking a moment to listen through their SoundCloud page for example. You can utilize this tactic not only searching labels, but your favorite artists as well; music they like and share on social feeds, who they follow, searching their playlists and likes on streaming platforms, etc.! Once you find a new artist you enjoy, then continue the search listening through all their music, and repeat the cycle and I assure you will find lots of amazing new tracks.

I recommend utilizing multiple different streaming platforms and taking advantage of radio features to filter your search to content similar to what you currently like. Although this might not be the best route, I have found lots of great tunes from sources such as Pandora radio, Spotify radio, and SoundCloud stations because it can help narrow down your options when there are endless things to choose from. Don’t stop at just streaming platforms, there are many great blogs and websites out there dedicated to sharing their music tastes which are great to take advantage of as well!

Finally, my personal favorite way of finding new music is in person! Whether this is by sharing music with friends or attending concerts and festivals. I love the experience of hearing music live and events like festivals typically include many artists unknown to me where I can listen to something I otherwise may never have. I know this is the least accessible way to discovering music as it is not as easy as using your phone or computer, but it still will always be my number one! A trick I use as well is to use the app “Shazam” when at a live event or when a friend plays something I enjoy and it can give you the song details such as the title, album, artist, where to play it, etc.

Hopefully you find some of these tactics useful and continue the search for those awesome new tracks to listen to on repeat and share with friends and family! There is so much talent out there, and many different styles of music to appreciate, you just have to search!

Kyle Sullivan

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