We get a ton of submissions here at the Sleeping Giant Music office, from all kinds of artists. So today I decided to share some information on what we look for in acts. This may help you determine if you are ready to be working with a top DJ booking agency.

Do your homework – If the booking agency you are submitting to is a DJ based agency and you are a singer or hip hop artist you probably aren’t a good fit. Make sure you are only contacting agencies that represent your genre or style of music. Be sure to check if there are any submission rules before submitting so you can properly follow them.

How big does my fanbase need to be? – Sure having a fanbase is key. As an agent a fan base helps us determine demand in the market. Current fee structures or how much more we might need to do to help build the acts brand working with managers or PR agents. Artists should work towards building a fan base because a fan base sells tickets, and in the days of free music, touring is one of the most viable sources of income for musicians.

What do we look for? – We look for the whole profile. First, can the artist DJ or produce music. Are they any good. Are they a new act or an old act? Are the active on social media, constantly promoting? Are they respected? How many fans / followers do they have? How many comments? What does their schedule look like? Will I be able to build this act into a monster. All these factors come into my mind when looking at potential acts to sign. Remember these days people buy fans so I always try to do my homework to see if I can spot fake fans vs real active followers.

What should I be doing as an artist that has been on the scene for years? – One, respect your brand. Treat it like a business. Two, always be in the studio creating tracks and releasing music. Three, be professional. Once you start to build some hype, things will fall into place.

I am an aspiring young artist, what’s your advice? – I am always a big fan for the beginners to develop a big local fanbase. Use that fanbase to grow regionally and beyond from there. Always be studying production techniques and perfecting your sound. Releasing music is key but as a new artist you may want to study technique and develop your own style.

How long does it usually take? – Building an artist can take years, so finding acts that are willing to sacrifice and put in the long term effort are a must. Determination and persistence are key. As the act builds hype with music, and other notable artists start playing their stuff, promoters and fans will notice and that is when the offers will come.

Freddie Harb

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