These days being a musician is a combination of many hats. Not only are musicians required to be inspired to create new tunes, the new age of the music business ensures that the artist must be an entrepreneur as well.To make it in the music business you must make this your business.

If You Fail to Plan, You Plan To Fail
Remember planning and organization are the key elements to success. But follow through is equally as important, without following through plans become a thing of the past; a note jotted on a piece of paper. Make sure you keep your plans mapped out with goals and deadlines, try a comprehensive list of to do’s, and keep a well executed content calendar for all of your blog and social media content.

Priority is Key

After you’ve got your goals and tasks set up, make sure to put down a priority number and organize the tasks by priority first. High priority tasks or tasks that need to be completed in order to complete other tasks should take precedence. However, don’t just think about competing one task at a time, try and multi-task and complete many components to get to the end goal. You’d be surprised to see how much easier things can be if they are broken down into smaller goals and to do’s.

Stop All of the Interruptions
Sometimes certain interruptions cause us to lose focus. Examples could be working around a bunch of people and conversations get sparked, or the dreaded email inbox with tons of emails flying in every few minutes. Carving out some time to work on projects where you can focus away from people and close the email app can really help make one ensure that their total attention is being given to the task at hand.

If you can automate, automate. Let the computer do the work for you, enough said. But do not let automation replace the human element. Determine when it is best.

Determination and Commitment
Lastly, don’t forget that any plan with out proper commitment will fail. Any organized strategy or list of to do’s will not work if procrastination occurs, you will miss the deadlines and then it will be a never ending battle to make your way to that music career you’ve always dreamed for.

Freddie Harb

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