Being in this business for almost a year, I quickly figured out that relationships are key to having success in this crazy industry…

Here are a few small tips that can help you out.

1. Be respectful…

This might sound crazy and cheesy but, you never know who you are going to speak to. From hot shot promoters to somebody doing their first booking, giving everybody the respect that they deserve can go a long way with you working with that person.

2. Communication

Being reliable in communications with a client is huge! I take pride in my response time between emails, texts and phone calls. Always be on top of it, the sooner you reply back the sooner you might get a deal/gig done. You never want to lose out on a opportunity.

3. Build relationships outside of the work place…

With being behind a computer and phone all day, sometimes people can only see or hear one side of you. If you ever get a chance to meet a client face to face outside a working environment make the best of it! Trying to connect on a personal level would probably give you a better shot at landing more shows…

Hopefully these three easy steps can help you in the advancement of your career!

Will Duka

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