Mixes, mixes and more mixes

I got mixes from DJ’s looking for gigs for days, weeks, months and probably even years that I have not the time nor the patience to sit down and listen too. Weekly there is a Tsunami of mixes flooding our inboxes, our mailboxes and spilling out of our A&R boxes. Here is some advice on how to make your mix stand out to us.

Without trying to sound too harsh, don’t waste your time mailing us mixes on CDs unless there are some bells and whistles on/in the package. What I mean is your cd better come in a neon velvet envelope with the proper people addressed with more than a cd in a paper sleeve in it. When we open it, a Starbucks, gas or gift card better fall out with it or at least some super cool stickers and a professionally packaged cd in order for us to even glance at it. You want us to listen to it? Then we better see a tracklist or something stimulating for us to pop it in the cd player.

If you are e-mailing your mix to us with a link to a Soundcloud account, this is probably the best chance you have at getting us to listen to it because we are always on our computers and it’s easy to follow a link and press play. There better be a tracklist included in the e-mail so we have some idea on what style it is and determine if we will follow the link. Numbers also impress us too. If you have a lot of likes on mixes and social site profiles, of real people not dudes in Bangladesh, that will draw our attention also and increase the probability of us pressing play.

Get creative and make your music stand out!

Mike Beltran
Vice President

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